Excel - Line & Bar on Same Chart?

Asked By Matt on 09-Mar-07 09:10 PM
I have two sets of data - one set I would like to plot as a line plot,
the other as a bar plot.  Is there a way to put both of these on the
same graph?

jangle replied on 09-Mar-07 11:49 PM
I am interested in knowing how to do this too.  Is the line called a trend
line?  Help in Excel says to add a trendline, you should choose "Add trend
line" from the Chart menu.  There is chart tool bar and chart options, but I
don't know where the CHART MENU is?
joh replied on 10-Mar-07 08:34 AM
just create a bar chart using all the data and then right click on the part
of the chart you want to change to a line and select chart type from the menu
and chane to a line chart.
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Ineedhel replied on 12-Mar-07 01:25 PM
When I tried this, both data series changed to a line graph.
Jon Peltier replied on 13-Mar-07 08:10 PM
You have to specifically select the series you want to change. If more
series changed, then some other part of the chart was selected.

- Jon
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