Excel - Adding a control line to excel chart without showing up in the leg

Asked By TWeave on 15-Sep-07 10:12 AM
How can I add a control line, (such as average, ucl, lcl), to an excel bar or
line chart and not have the control line series show up in the chart legend,
or data table?

Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

Andy Pope replied on 15-Sep-07 10:50 AM

For the legend you can delete the entry.

The data table though you have no control over.
Have a look at this though.

Del Cotter replied on 15-Sep-07 10:45 AM
On Sat, 15 Sep 2007, in microsoft.public.excel.charting,
TWeaver <TWeaver@> said:

Single-click twice on the legend entry for the control line, and delete

Don't use the data table, instead use the camera tool to insert a
spreadsheet range below the graph, or embed the graph above a
spreadsheet range. It's better than a data table anyway, because the
formatting is much more flexible that way.

Del Cotter
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TWeave replied on 18-Sep-07 12:24 PM
Thanks for the tip.  I was ablke to remove the control line entry within my
charts that have legends.

However, I still have a workbook with several dozen charts that have data
tables. Using the Camera to copy an image of the worksheet data table is not
an option, because I need the data to update dynamically. As I update the
source data, the chart data table needs to update without any intervention on
my part. Otherwise it will be more work than what it is worth.

Embedding these charts into worksheets seems to require quit a bit of finese
in lining up the column. Expecially whne I copy it over to a powerpoint
slide. It seems to loose a bit of the alignment.

I am curently using a cut-n-paste image of a control line and that seems to
do ok, except the line gets a bit out of alignment from time to time when I
update the chart data.
Jon Peltier replied on 18-Sep-07 06:00 PM
The camera tool pictures are dynamic, but after you have a dozen or so, they
slow way down. Put the table in regular cells adjacent to the chart.

For your control lines, use something like this:


- Jon
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