Excel - Displaying cell data in a chart

Asked By JAusti on 22-Nov-07 11:07 AM
Previous posts indicate a successfuly method for displaying data/text from a
cell into a chart.  Following this procedure, I select the chart, press the
equal sign, and select the cell, and then enter.  The address of the sheet
and the cell address are displayed after the equal sign.  When I press enter
nothing seems to happen.  The data are supposed to display in the middle of
the chart, but I do not get any display of the data.  I am in a Pivot Table
worksheet but did not directly insert a Pivot Chart.  I used getpivotdata and
created new cells for plotting into the inserted column chart using that
data.  I appear to be able to utilize all Excel charting funcgtions with
these charts.  Am I missing something?

J. Austin

Andy Pope replied on 22-Nov-07 11:25 AM

By any chance are you using xl2007?
If so the type ='s does not work. You need to insert the textbox and then
use the formula bar to enter the cell reference.



Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel
JAusti replied on 22-Nov-07 11:38 AM
Thanks for the quick response.  Yes, I am using xl2007.  And your solution
worked great.  Going to save me a lot of grief in updating a large number of
charts automatically.

Thanks again,