Excel - Missing Label in Pie Chart

Asked By Lambi00 on 03-Dec-07 02:23 PM
I have a pie chart that gets updated every week with the same category names
but different values and percentages.  I never had any problems until last
week one of them disappeared and I can't find it at all.  When I point to the
appropriate wedge I can the popup that shows me what the numbers are, but the
label that I would have on that wedge doesn't show up.  I have looked under
other wedges, played with the fonts and colors but to no avail.  I am totally

Any ideas?

FlickOlmsfor replied on 03-Dec-07 03:02 PM
You may have accidently deleted it.  Try right clicking on the slice and
using the format option to readd the label.
Andy Pope replied on 04-Dec-07 05:59 AM

Right click the chart and pick Chart Options. On the Data Labels tab remove
and reapply data labels.
This should bring back any accidently deleted labels.



Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel