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Asked By rsen on 04-Mar-08 04:18 PM
I have 5 columns.

Column A is 1 through 12 for months.

Column B is Dept 1 Budget for each month.
Column C is Dept 2 Budget for each month.

Column D is Dept 1 Actual for each month.
Column E is Dept 2 Actual for each month.

I'm trying to create two stacked bars per month, one of Columns B&C (Budget)
and one of Columns D&E (Actual).

The best I can get is one column per month with all 4 values stacked.

How can I turn this into two columns per month?


Del Cotter replied on 04-Mar-08 05:22 PM
On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, in microsoft.public.excel.charting,
rsenn <rsenn@> said:

Keep the columns just the way they are, but instead of one row per
record, have three. First row is Budget, second is Actual, and third is

Format the stacked columns to have zero space between columns, and let
the blank row serve as a space instead. Now your stacked columns will
look like pairs of columns.

Del Cotter
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Jon Peltier replied on 04-Mar-08 07:16 PM
Here are links to a few illustrated examples:


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