Excel - Long Text Won't Wrap Chart X Axis

Asked By RoArmstron on 06-Jul-08 08:13 PM
I have a line chart with long question text that I want to use in the X axis
but the text is appears over the top of each other.  I have to use this type
of chart because that is how the client wants it.

Jon Peltier replied on 07-Jul-08 08:22 AM
If you have clients, you are a consultant. Advise them that a line chart may
not be the best choice. A bar chart may work better with the labels.

However, some clients are stubborn. You can manually insert line breaks into
the cell text using Alt+Enter, and these will carry into the chart axis
labels. This isn't perfect, of course, and at times I've resorted to using
other text elements (text boxes or data labels) in place of axis tick

- Jon
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