Excel - How to create 4 Quadrant Chart in Excel 2003?

Asked By Rohi on 16-Jul-08 08:20 AM
There are 4 quadrant charts available on net. Similar to that how can we
create 4 quadrant charts in Excel 2003 version?

If X axis represents Risk & Y axis represents returns in financial language,
then if we draw line at center of X axis & Y axis, then four quadrants will
be created with Quadrant details as below;

Bottom Left Quadrant    : Low Risk & Low Returns
Top Left Quadrant        : Low Risk & High Returns
Top Right Quadrant      : High Risk & High Returns
Bottom Right Quadrant : High Risk & Low Returns

Bernard Liengme replied on 16-Jul-08 08:30 AM
Top right: x and y are positive
Top left: x is negative; y positive
Bottom left, x and y are negative
Bottom right; y is negative, x positive
best wishes
Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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