Excel - Is there a 'format painter' equivalent to use on many charts?

Asked By Chris Mar on 03-Sep-08 12:47 PM
I'm trying to format a group of charts (roughly 40) so that they all have the
same formatting (font sizes, colors, alignment, etc.).  Is there an easy way
to do this without having to change every axis and background on every chart?

I've tried the trick where you change something on one chart, click on
another, and press F4, but it was formatting all text on the chart in the
same way.  I'm looking to have different fonts for the title, labels, and


Jon Peltier replied on 03-Sep-08 01:06 PM
Copy the chart area of one chart, select another, and use Paste Special to
paste the formats. Note that this paste not just formats, but also the text
contents of chart and axis titles and data labels.

If you use the F4 key, you have to select the same chart element. Formatting
the font properties of the Chart Area will affect all fonts in the chart.

- Jon
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ChrisMar replied on 03-Sep-08 01:24 PM
Thanks!  That will save me a lot of time