Excel - XY charts: can't plot Y vs. value of X

Asked By Mike on 26-Nov-08 04:53 PM
I'm trying to plot the values of Y (in column C) vs. the values of X (in
column A), but the chart plots the spreadsheet line number rather than the
column A value, even though the pop-up window shows column A is select for
the x-axis.

Also, it is now very difficult to select the data points in different
columns. It was easy before, by holding down the shift/control keys and using
the arrow keys.

I really hate the 2007 version!  I was VERY proficient with XL before, and
now I am totally helpless trying to create some simple X-Y charts. The help
tools are totally worthless!  Microsoft really screwed up a good product.

ShaneDevenshir replied on 26-Nov-08 09:13 PM

What's in column A and C?  And are you plotting column B also?

When I enter numbers in column A and C and then select the range A1:A12,
C1:C12 and choose Insert, Scatter, and pick Scatter with straight lines I get
exactly what I would expect.

Mike replied on 26-Nov-08 09:27 PM
Yes, it's easy with simple arrays. But, I've got thousands of rows of data
and entering the range manually is not that easy.  I experimented and found
solutions, but the new method is not as simple as the old program, although
it does offer some new features.

I found that if the data column label is included in the range than it
screws up the XY plot.  I changed the range to only contain numbers and it
worked okay.  The old system asked you if the first entry was a label or a
value; very handy.

ShaneDevenshir replied on 27-Nov-08 02:38 AM

I still can't duplicate your problem - if I have titles (labels) for the two
ranges, columns A and C:

1. Click cell A1 - the title of the first set of data
2. Press Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow (the whole column is selected down through
all the solid data.
3. Keep the Ctrl key down and click C1
4. Press Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow (the whole of column C is selected and A is
still selected.
5. Choose Insert, Scatter, give me the correct data on both axis and it uses
the tilte in column C as the Legend.

Regarding a few new features - I have personally documented 1800+ new
features in 2007.  When Excel went from version 2002 to 2003 I was hard
pressed to find more than 10!

I personally agree with you regarding handling of the data series in the
dialog boxes for charting, but hopefully they will clear these issues up in
forthcoming versions.

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Shane Devenshire
Leigh Thorpe replied on 18-Mar-09 05:30 PM
I also had a problem with Excel plotting my data against the line number rather than the values I was trying to use for x, and I noticed that some of the entries in my data were numbers stored as text, rather than proper numbers.  Fixing that resolved the problem.

Is there a quick way to ensure all entries in a large array are in fact numbers?  I had to change mine one at a time.