Excel - minor gridline labels

Asked By Neville on 15-Feb-09 10:01 PM
Is it possible to display labels for minor gridlines?  I want to try and do
it by using a button to select if they are displayed or not.

DaveCurti replied on 16-Feb-09 04:13 AM
Hi Neville,

I do this using a dummy series, linked to a check box. Then I use Rob
Bovey's chart labeller for the dummy series.
Bit difficult to explain, but I have an eaxmple if you like.

Neville replied on 16-Feb-09 05:50 AM
Hi Dave
Sounds interesting.  Can I get some more information fron anywhere?
DaveCurti replied on 16-Feb-09 06:16 AM
I'll try and explain in more detail, or I' can email you the file.
Youll' need to download Rob Bovey's free chart labeller utility, which is a
great little add-in.
Assuming you want x-axis labels, I made a dummy series, consisiting of two
columns of numbers. The first contains the axis labels corresponding to your
minor tick marks,(in say C1:C20) the second all being zero, (in say D1:D20).
Add these to your chart as an x-y series to get a series along the x axis.
You can hide the points later.
Add a checkbox and link it to a suitable cell. Assume G1. Then, enter
another series in E1:E20 for the labels, by entering +IF($G$1,C1,"") and copy
So checking the checkbox will turn these labels on and off.
Use Rob's chart labeller to label the dummy series and you should find using
the checkbox, you can turn the axis labels on and off.

Would it be easier if I sent you the file?

Neville replied on 16-Feb-09 07:38 AM
Hi Dave.  Would be very much appreciated.  Can you send it to
turbit@optusnet.com.au  Thanks
DaveCurti replied on 16-Feb-09 08:36 AM
Let us know if you received it and how you get on.