Excel - Y2 axis

Asked By Tyre Anser on 26-Aug-09 09:52 PM
How do I install a Y2 axis into a 2D line graph in ex cel office 07 ... seems
there is no easy way ....ms help suggests choosing a compatible graph but
neglects to tell us which is compatible ... so sticking with a simple 2D line
graph I am up a blind alley going no where fast ...  thanks in advance of
rany asisstance

Andy Pope replied on 27-Aug-09 06:12 AM

To have 2 Y axes you need a minimum of 2 series of data. If you just want
dual axis labelling then the second set of data can be a repeat of the
Otherwise create a chart with both series on the primary axis. Select one of
the series to move to the secondary y axis.
Format dialog > Series Options > Secondary axis.



Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel