Excel - Show Series Name

Asked By Rupster on 26-Jan-10 12:30 AM
I have a line graph showing 24 months of data. As the colours begin to
repeat themselves it is difficult to tell which series is which. I would just
like to have, on the chart next to each series something showing the series
name. I am using Excel 2007 and the option to show series on the more data
labels option shows series name on every data point. given that I have over
30 data points and 24 series the chart looks messy. is there a simple waty to
show series name next to each line/

trip_to_tokyo replied to Rupster on 26-Jan-10 03:51 AM
???I would just like to have, on the chart next to each series something
showing the series name.???

In EXCEL 2007 for the above take the following actions:-

Click the series on the Chart itself. This will highlight the series.

CharTools / Layout / Data Labels / More Data Label Options / Label Options
at the top on the left hand side should be highlighted in orange / on the
right hand side, under Label Contains,  place a tick in the Series Name box
and make sure that there are no ticks in the Category Name or Value boxes /

Your chart will now have the Series Names placed onto the chart itself.

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trip_to_tokyo replied to Rupster on 26-Jan-10 04:02 AM
Sorry, ignore my previous posting as I have now realized it was what you have
already done.

I have posted a chart to:-


Item number 48 towards the top of my home page.

This is pulled directly from MS documentation.

I hope that this might help you.

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Rupster replied to trip_to_tokyo on 26-Jan-10 09:31 AM
The chart you show just has a legend. I do not want a legend as I have too
many series and the colours begin to repeat.  want the series name on the
chart next to the series - perhaps by the first data point.
Hasan Dudu replied to Rupster on 14-Oct-10 04:22 PM
Just select the data point at the end of each data series. Then go to "More Data Label Options" and select "Series Name" as described above. In that way, excel will only write the series name for the last data point in the series. You need to do this for each series. You can select any data point in the series to show the Series name anywhere on the series.