Excel - How do I draw an accurate venn diagram?

Asked By Phil Campbell on 27-Apr-10 10:21 AM
I am trying to draw a venn diagram in Excel, to show where survey respondents
have responded 'yes' to two questions. Microsoft Help refers me to the
picture toolbar but that only allows me to draw an approximate venn diagram,
not to generate one automatically based upon the data I have collected.

Any help gratefully received! :)

trip_to_tokyo replied to Phil Campbell on 28-Apr-10 12:17 PM
Just type:-


- into the F1 Help facility and there are adequate instructions there.

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Ralph replied to Phil Campbell on 29-Apr-10 03:34 PM
I think you need a macro to do that. I placed a Basic Venn on a worksheet
then played around with the following code

Dim xlWs As Worksheet
Dim xlShp As Shape
Set xlWs = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
Set xlShp = xlWs.Shapes(1)
Debug.Print xlShp.GroupItems.Count

The GroupItems.Count does return 3 however I was not able to do anything
else with the GroupItems in the Shape. It would give me the message
Permission Denied.

You might try posting your question in Excel Programming. If it is possible
someone there will know how to do it.
Herbert Seidenberg replied to Phil Campbell on 29-Apr-10 04:04 PM
Excel 2007, PivotTable
Venn diagram on XY chart.
Dimensions correspond exactly to survey results.
Pdf preview: