Excel - Error R6025 pure virtual function call, from C++ runtime library

Asked By Axe on 26-Apr-07 01:54 AM

i just installed Office 2007 Enterprise edition. And whenever i fill the
first cell and want to move to the second cell, excel crashes with above
error message. I tried new installation, and repairinstallations, installed
the latest visual c++ runtime lib,nothing helped.

What could i do?

Thnak you for any help

cshar replied on 15-Jul-07 12:26 AM
I just installed Office 2007 and I am having the same problem and when trying
to open old files that were originally saved in my previous version of excel
it gives me the same error and crashes. Did you ever find a fix if you don't
mind me asking? I am using the Professional version but surely they are close
enough to where I can figure out how to fix it if I knew what was happening
with yours or did you ever get yours fixed as I don't see any replies to your
post? You would think after all this time this would be something that would
have already been fixed or had an update for to  fix as I see your post is
from April and it is now July.