Excel - cant open file by double clicking - excel 2007

Asked By kamilnowa on 21-Nov-07 06:38 AM
i cant open xls files by double clicking on them - excel open empty window
without any  error message. i try to do /unregserver /regserver , clean
xlstart directory and wait about an hour with open empty window (i read that
exclel 2007 can have lags with opening documents). file association adn
action open looks alright. than i  reinstall office 2007. nothing helps
is there anything else i can try?
OS is win xp home

ed replied on 26-Nov-07 05:25 PM
"kamil nowak" wrote:
ed replied on 26-Nov-07 05:33 PM
"kamil nowak" wrote:
Ken Wright replied on 26-Nov-07 05:35 PM
Standard answer for up to Excel 2003 used to be Tools / Options / Uncheck

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Wend replied on 28-Nov-07 10:21 AM
I am having the same problem and checking/unchecking the Ignore other
appications under General options did not help.  I was able to find that it
was user profile specific.  A colleague was able to log onto my pc and open
up Excel files without issue.  I was able to find that it has something to do
with the personal.xls file that was running in the background.  Personal.xls
stores information on macros.  This file is saved in the XLSTART folder and
the file runs in the background when you open Excel.  Since I don't use
macros, I was happy to move the file to a different location.  As soon as I
did that I was able to double click on an Excel file and it opened
immediately.  The location of the file on my pc is:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

I hope this is helpful.
Dav replied on 28-Nov-07 01:05 PM
HI, I am having the same problem with excel 2007, double click and it opens a
blank page, close and reopen until I get an excel spreadsheet. I cannot find
the files that you refer to?
Wend replied on 28-Nov-07 01:51 PM
Another one of my customers had this issue and it turns out that if there is
anything in this folder at all, then it could be causing this issue because
anything in this folder will run in the background when opening Excel and it
prevents the file from opening initially.  If you move any files in this
folder the the folder above it, then it should correct the issue.  However,
I'm not sure if this would effect anything else down the road, like if you
run macros, have add-ins or something like that.
Dav replied on 28-Nov-07 03:11 PM
Thanks Wendy, it's sound like excatly what I am having problems with. The
issue though is that I cannot find the file you are referring to. 2007 does
not have .xls files
Do you know where to look for it in Office 2007?

Wend replied on 28-Nov-07 03:21 PM
I use 2007 as well.  This particular file still has a .xls extension even
though it is Excel 2007.  Like I said in the previous email, it might not be
that particular file so that file might not even exist on your computer.
However, if there are any files at all in that folder, one of those could be
causing the problem.
Dav replied on 28-Nov-07 04:07 PM
Hi Wendy, me again, the problem I am having is finding the file you refer
too. I can't find  any of this . C:\Documents and
Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART. I can't even find
the docu & settings folder in 2007

Wend replied on 28-Nov-07 04:13 PM
Do a folder search on your C: drive for XLSTART.  If any folders come up in
the search then see what files are in there.  That's all the advice I can
give.  I'm not sure how else to help.
Dav replied on 28-Nov-07 04:44 PM
Thanks again Wendy, I finally found the folder, however it was empty. I guess
I will have to keep on searching for a solution. I appreciate all your help.
Wend replied on 28-Nov-07 04:47 PM
No problem.  I hope you find a solution.
matthew.j.holde replied on 16-Dec-07 01:59 AM
Thank you.  Deleting Personal.xls worked for me!!!