Excel - My borders/grids show on print preview, but won't print?

Asked By shawse on 20-Mar-08 11:45 AM
Hello, I've been pulling my hair out for 2 days about this problem, and
cannot find a way to solve it.  So ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
When I pull up an Excel Spreadsheet that I have been using for 5 years, the
entire area has All borders on it.  So, that it appears with each line, and
each column seperated.

Okay, the borders show on my spreadsheet, they show when I got to Print
Preview, However; when I click print, the paper comes out, and NONE of my
borders on on it??  The words are, column headers, etc., numbers on the left
of each line, But NO Borders??  It's now doing this on every single excel
document that I have that shows borders on it.  None Print out!?!  PLEASE if
anyone can help me, this is SO aggravating!  Sincerely, Candace/shawsec.

Rya replied on 20-Mar-08 12:22 PM
I've had a couple users with this problem too.  It seemed to vary depending
on the printer they used i.e. when they printed it on a bigger more expensive
printer it came out normally
GuruGir replied on 22-Mar-08 09:39 PM
Having some trouble understanding the phrasing of your question...can you
please redefine the following part?

by what?  Lines or empty columns?

Sorry not getting the question....try again.
shawse replied on 25-Mar-08 08:11 AM
**Meaning, that YES all the Borders are black and visible, just as they
should be.

by what?  Lines or empty columns?

**Seperated by LINES, The Borders that are set in my spreadsheet.

**Everything shows up perfectly when I pull up my spreadsheet by double
clicking on it, it even looks correct when I do a Print Preview, but when I
click on Print, the paper that comes out of my printer ONLY has TEXT on it,
It's all located in the right places, but there are NO
lines/borders/gridlines at all on the printed document!
GuruGir replied on 25-Mar-08 08:54 PM
Yep, agree, printer issue, drivers probably.

You can always try cutting and pasting your data into a new workbook, save
it, set up the page again, and see if a new workbook solves the issue, that
is assuming that the file used to print just fine from the same printer in
the past.  Quirky.
Cobra214 replied on 03-Jun-08 09:33 AM
I disagree.
I am having the same problem which is driving me and my associates crazy.
Any thick borders print just fine, the standard size borders will not.

In order to get all the borders to print we have to do one of the following
1: go to print preview and either turn margins on or off, then print.
2: select a cell, then go to borders, cancel out back to the spreadsheet,
then print.
3: go to print preview, zoom in on the document, then zoom back out, then
4: Save and close the document and reopen it, then print.

I know none of these solutions should have anything to do with getting the
borders to print, and they sound completely rediculous, but for some reason
doing one of these actually works.... Sometimes.
Cyndy Loomis replied on 02-Jul-08 08:11 AM
I have been having issues with this myself and found that if I do not set the print area the grid lines will print.
L replied on 31-Jul-08 10:42 AM
I'm having the same problem and my users are getting very aggravated.  The
borders show up on the screen and in print preview, but not when printed.
I've tried several different printers and have the same result.  I've updated
drivers and haven't been able to resolve.  The only thing I can find is that
it seems to happen where there are items outside of the print area.  If you
copy the content in the print area to a new worksheet and don't set the print
area it prints fine.  Or we found that printing one page at a time works too.
We didn’t have the problem until upgrading to Office 2007.
Lorri replied to Cyndy Loomis on 27-Mar-10 09:29 PM
Thanks Cyndy, after trying the other suggestions here, yours was the one
that finally worked for me.