Excel - Cannot open .xlsx files (opens with Wordpad???)

Asked By Sash on 13-May-08 07:58 AM

I have just installed Office 2007 (Enterprise) and using Groove. Colleagues
have added .xlsx files to the workspace but when I double click to open them
they come up as gobbledegook in Wordpad rather than Excel.  Have tried saving
them to the desktop and then opening with Excel (doesn't work) have told it
to always use Excel for file sof this type (didn't work). Weirdly, if I use
the File, Open command via Excel I can read the files?

I have installed the Service Pack 1 and the file translator... nothing works.

Can anybody out there help me.....pleeeeeease?

Thank you!

chaitanya.choudhar replied on 16-May-08 07:01 AM
hi sasha

right click on excel files ->properties->change ->excel ->ok>apply->ok

and try to open the files and let me know

Sash replied on 14-May-08 06:32 PM
Hi - Thanks for responding.  Have done as you said but now when I double
click the file nothing at all happens.... Can still open it if I go through
Excel, file, open tho'
warr10r replied to Sash on 05-Mar-10 06:28 AM
I have the same issue:

I upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007 SP2. Whenever I double-click any
.xslx file nothing happens. If you open Excel and then open the file it loads.

Weirdly .xls files open fine on double-click.

I have a suspicion that its something to do with the Office 2007
Compatibilty Pack I installed when I had Office 2003. I upgraded to 2007
without uninstalling it.