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Asked By sl on 22-Jan-07 06:10 PM
So I am new to VB Macros in Excel and I swear I came across some method
called .contains where if a cell contained the string or regular
expression you were searching for it returned a boolean of True or
false if it didn't find it.

Now that I am returning to my notes I can't find it, nor can I find it
in books or on-line.

Has anyone heard of this or is there a better way to check if a cell's
contents conform to a particular pattern?


Harlan Grove replied on 22-Jan-07 06:27 PM
sl wrote...

VBA provides an operator named Like which provides very lightweight
pattern matching. If you want true regular expressions, you could use
[OLE] Automation to access VBScript regular expressions. See the
following article in the archives.

Tushar Mehta replied on 23-Jan-07 06:57 PM
In article <1169507449.798703.102030@v45g2000cwv.googlegroups.com>,
Shannon.Lieberg@gmail.com says...
In addition to Harlan's suggestion, to use regular expressions in a UDF,


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