Excel - How do I color code a Pivot Table - not standard Autoformats?

Asked By mink on 07-Mar-07 04:08 AM
I need a solution to color code pivot table contents to suit my company's
color palette. I work with very large pivot tables. Is there are way to
select only totals and apply formatting? It would take impossibly long to go
the entire table and choose the cells to color.

david_b replied on 07-Mar-07 05:26 AM

This can be done with fairly basic VBA.

Debra Dalgleish replied on 07-Mar-07 08:01 AM
To format cells, enable selection should be turned on.
To enable selection --
From the Pivot toolbar, choose PivotTable>Select
If it's not already activated, click on Enable Selection

To format a section of a pivot table, e.g. subtotals --
Move the pointer to the left of a subtotal heading in the pivot table.
When the black arrow appears, click to select the subtotal rows
Format the selected subtotals

Debra Dalgleish