Excel - Vlookup on two different tabs

Asked By Ays on 12-Jul-07 12:38 PM
I am trying to look up a value in two different tabs.  Does anyone know how
to do this?  The VLOOKUP function allows me to look up only one tab.

Topper replied on 12-Jul-07 12:42 PM
Perhaps a liitle more info .... is it a case if not found on tab1, look at
Pete_UK replied on 12-Jul-07 12:47 PM
Something like this:


Hope this helps.

Ays replied on 12-Jul-07 12:52 PM
Yes that is the case, where I keep open issues in one tab with an ID, and put
them in a different tab when the issue is closed with the same ID.
Pete_UK replied on 12-Jul-07 01:47 PM
Oops, missed a bracket after the second sheet2 - should be:


Hope this helps.