Excel - Shortcut key - merge cells

Asked By P Anthon on 26-Sep-07 07:34 AM
Is there a shortcut key to merge cells in excel.

Dave Peterson replied on 26-Sep-07 08:33 AM
There's an icon on the formatting toolbar (xl2003, at least).

But no single shortcut key to do this.

ps.  You may find that your worksheet looks prettier with the merged cells, but
there are lots of things that fail with merged cells (sorting, copy|pasting,

You may regret it if you use merged cells.


Dave Peterson
Ros replied on 27-Sep-07 04:17 PM
You can also give the appearance of merged cells by:

1.highlighting the desired number of cells
2.Format>Cells>Horizontal>Center Across Selection

I was told that that will avoid possible problems.

smither fan