Excel - how do i calculate the difference between two numbers?

Asked By di on 12-Nov-07 07:52 AM
I am having difficulty in finding the difference between two numbers,
i have two cloumns which have for example the numbers C3=2 and D3=10, where
the difference would be E3=8 and numbers C4=12 and D4=7 where the difference
would be E4=5, how do i do this in excel without getting negative numbers
such as C3-D3=-8?
thank you for your help,

joeu2004 replied on 12-Nov-07 08:00 AM
BarbReinhard replied on 12-Nov-07 08:02 AM
The difference would be calculated as


The absolute value of this is


Barb Reinhardt
di replied on 12-Nov-07 08:21 AM
Thank you very much,
i am having difficulty, the cell displays as =ABS(C3-D3) how do i get it to
display as a number?
Thanks again
David Biddulph replied on 12-Nov-07 08:32 AM
David Biddulph
Bernard Liengme replied on 12-Nov-07 08:46 AM
best wishes
Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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David Biddulph replied on 12-Nov-07 09:00 AM
It sounds like you've got the cell formatted as text.  Format the cell as
General or Number.  You may need to go back to the formula and perhaps
delete the = sign and re-enter.
The other thing is to look at Tools/ Options/ View, and make sure that the
David Biddulph
di replied on 12-Nov-07 09:42 AM
fantastic, that did it,
thank you so much for your help,
much appreciated!