Excel - VLOOKUP - TWO Variables

Asked By RJ on 12-Dec-07 01:52 AM
I can't tell if another post is the same question or not - I guess I'm that

Here's what I got:

CLIENT         INDUSTRY       SALES PERSON        COUNTRY     Q1      Q2
Q3 etc

Want to have a VLOOKUP to make a table of CLIENT and INDUSTRY together.

In other words,

USA         AUTOMOBILE     TOTAL OF Q1+Q2+...+QN
USA         COMPUTERS     TOTAL OF Q1+Q2+...+QN
FRANCE   RETAIL                 TOTAL OF Q1+Q2+...+QN



Carim replied on 14-Dec-07 03:10 AM

Why do not you try to use Data Pivot Table ... to have all the
flexibility needed ...

Bob Phillips replied on 12-Dec-07 04:00 AM

which is an array formula, it should be committed with Ctrl-Shift-Enter, not
just Enter.
Excel will automatically enclose the formula in braces (curly brackets), do
not try to do this manually.
When editing the formula, it must again be array-entered.



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RJ replied on 12-Dec-07 08:56 PM
The data is actually about 37 columns of stuff, and I'm trying to pull out
just a bit.

As to the below, I couldn't get it to work. What's the "C" column represent?
And can I substitue $A2 and $B2 for "USA" and "AUTOMOBILE"?
Bob Phillips replied on 13-Dec-07 03:29 AM
The represents where the data to retrieve is located. And yes, you can
substitute cells for the values.



(there is no email, no snail mail, but somewhere should be gmail in my addy)