Excel - lock only formulas, not worksheet

Asked By ericaamoussea on 18-Jan-08 12:20 PM
I am making a very complex spreadsheet for a co worker and I would like only
the formulas to be locked.  I would like my co worker to still be able to
change the color of cells and add or delete rows (even rows thathave my
formulas)  When I do protect the worksheet the way I usually do it rows can
not be adjusted at all.  any suggestions?

Gord Dibben replied on 18-Jan-08 07:07 PM
Which version of Excel?

In 2002 and 2003 you can allow or disallow things in Tools>Protection>Protect

Format Cells, Insert/delete rows and columns.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP
Pete_UK replied on 19-Jan-08 02:51 PM
Before applying the protection, you  must first unlock the cells which
you want the User to be able to adjust (using Format | Cells |
Protection tab). Then when you use Tools | Protection only the
remaining Locked cells will be affected.

If you are using XL 2000 then once the sheet is protected you can not
add or delete rows.

Hope this helps.


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