Excel - Cell Data not recognized by Formulas

Asked By jasonr1 on 12-Feb-08 06:51 PM
I have a simple setup of data that originated from a .csv file.  I copied,
pasted values into a specific set of cells, yet the sum formula isn't picking
up on the numbers.

The formula DOES pick up on the number when I double click each each
individual cell with data in it.

I've pulled all formats, trimmed, and am looking at the numbers, yet they
are not totalling at the end of the row unless I go through each one and
double click?

Any ideas?

GarysStuden replied on 12-Feb-08 07:07 PM
They were imported as text rather than numbers:

1. in an un-used cell enter 1
2. copy this cell
3. Paste/special/multiply onto the cells you want to convert from Text to
Gary''s Student - gsnu200768
jasonr1 replied on 12-Feb-08 07:25 PM
I get the method... but it didn't work.  Still, the only way the SUM formula
to recognize the cells under its umbrella, is for me to double click them.

(I have tools/options/zero values set to NOT Show zeroes.  Zero's currently
show until I double click the cell, then they dissapear)

Fred Smith replied on 12-Feb-08 08:42 PM
What does "did not work" mean? Did it not convert the text to numbers? Or
some other problem?

The first thing you must do is ensure you have numbers, not text. You can go
no further in looking for a solution until you are sure all your data is
numbers. What happens when you check the cells with =isnumber(range). If
this returns True on all your cells, and you still have problems, then post