Excel - CSV to ASCII

Asked By Quc on 14-Feb-08 12:38 PM
What is the CORRECT procedure to convert a CSV file (a comma delimited file)
that I created using Excel 2007, to an ASCII file? I think there is more than
just changing the extencion from *.csv to *.asc

Joe replied on 14-Feb-08 12:48 PM
A CSV file is a text file.  Try opening it with NotePad.
Bob I replied on 14-Feb-08 01:24 PM
Depends entirely on the application that is "expecting" the .asc file.
But you may get by just renaming. A ".csv" file just "generally" means
its a text file with the "fields" separated by commas.
kbackman replied on 14-Feb-08 01:29 PM
Open the FILE OPEN dialog box, change the files of type option to text files,
where csv is one of several extensions, locate your csv file and the import
wizard should open allowing to define how to parse the data.

Kevin Backmann
David Biddulph replied on 14-Feb-08 02:54 PM
I don't think the OP was asking how to open the file with Excel, but as a
matter of interest, which version of Excel opens the wizard for File/ Open
of a csv, Kevin?
In general (such as in Excel 2003), to get the wizard one has to change the
csv extension to txt, or open the file with Data/ Import External Data;  a
simple File/ Open of a csv bypasses the wizard and Excel decides what it
wants, rather than what *you* want.  :-(
David Biddulph