Excel - Hide empty rows in pivot table Excel 2003

Asked By mend on 18-Feb-08 04:18 AM

I have a problem displaying pivot tables in Excel 2003. I would like blank
rows to be hidden, but I don't find any options for this. In Excel 2007 I
found it at the pivot tables options and in owc pivot table I found it under
commands and options.

Does anyone know an option in Excel 2003?

Thanks for the help.


Roger Govier replied on 18-Feb-08 04:42 AM
Double click on the field and de-select Show Items with no data.

Roger Govier
mend replied on 20-Feb-08 07:16 AM

Thanks for the help! Unfortunately in my case this option is inactive. Could
someone tell me why? I use an external data source, and I've tried it with a
cube on SQL Server 2005 and on SAS olap server as well, neither worked.