Excel - Why are my page layout options grayed out?

Asked By Starlin on 13-Mar-08 07:18 PM
I am new to the 2007 version and cannot figure out why MARGINS, ORIENTATION,
and SIZE are grayed out under the Page Layout tab.  I have tried copying and
pasting to new workbook but still not working.  Any suggestions?

Boni replied on 13-Mar-08 08:14 PM
Do you have a printer installed? Excel does not find it necessary to make
these options available if you do not.
Starlin replied on 13-Mar-08 09:26 PM
Oh that worked!  Definitely makes sense, just did not think about that!

Thanks so much for your help!  You are the best!
Boni replied on 13-Mar-08 10:37 PM
You are very welcome.  Happy to help!