Excel - SUMIF like formulae?? Any ideas?

Asked By ODB on 20-Mar-08 10:06 AM
Hi folks,

1st post so please be gentle!

I am after a formula that works in the same way as a Sumif.

I am trying to count particular data for a certian week. However this
data is in more than 1 column!

Currently we just add multiple SUMIF's together, but I'm sure there
must be a way to add a certain amount of columns together.


-Current way of doing it:-

Is there another formula that will add up all these neighboring columns
for a particular week?

I know you can't do it with columns that are seperated but when the
columns are in order eg A,B,C,D,E I figure there must be something that
will do it!

Please help as we have been working this way for 2 years and I'm
convinced there is an easier and tidier way of doing this



Dave Peterson replied on 20-Mar-08 05:17 PM
If you're using xl2007, you can use the entire column.  But before xl2007, you
have to limit your range.

But you could try:



Dave Peterson
Dave Peterson replied on 20-Mar-08 05:20 PM
If I were doing this, I'd use a helper column that adds the values in CY, CZ,
DA, ...

Then use that in the =sumif() formula.

I bet it would recalculate faster (just a gut feeling).


Dave Peterson