Excel - In Excel, how do I get blank rows and columns to print?

Asked By cvfc the d on 29-Mar-08 10:23 AM
I'm working on a simple, one page spread sheet, and want to print extra blank
on the bottom and to the right of my data cells. Say 10 extra blank rows on
the bottom and 3 extra blank rows to the right.

what do I need to do so the blank rows will print?
thanks very much for any help.
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Pete_UK replied on 30-Mar-08 05:44 PM
Are you printing gridlines or borders for those empty cells? If not,
then nothing will show on the printout.

If you are, then all you need to do is make your print area larger.
Highlight the cells that you want to print (including the blanks) and
click on File | Print Area | Set Print Area.

Now if you do File | Print Preview you can see what the effect will

Hope this helps.


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Dave Peterson replied on 29-Mar-08 10:45 AM
You could change the print area.

In xl2003, you can:
Select the area to print
File|print area|set print area

But if you want to just let excel determine the print range, you could put
something in the bottom right corner.

I like to use a formula that makes the cell look empty:

It's enough for me to notice and remember why it's there.


Dave Peterson
JimMa replied on 29-Mar-08 10:45 AM
include such in your page setup print area, maybe?
bruce.sinclai replied on 01-Apr-08 08:47 PM
Alternatively, you could put a small (or maybe an unprintable ?) character
in the cell you want it to print to. I use a "." for this.
juanita fancher replied to cvfc the d on 31-Aug-11 02:23 PM
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GS replied to juanita fancher on 31-Aug-11 02:54 PM
It happens that juanita fancher formulated :

I do not see what this has to do with printing blank rows/columns, so
why not start a new topic?

Anyway, try here...



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Gord replied to juanita fancher on 31-Aug-11 03:34 PM
Have a look here..........


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