Excel - How do you move between tabs in Excel spreadsheet?

Asked By Jay Le on 04-Apr-08 02:39 PM
I am wondering how can i move between tabs in a spreadsheet. For example, i
have 10 tabs in a spreadsheet, and i wanted to move between tab1 and tab5, is
there a quick way of switching tab1 and tab5? ( like how we can use Alt-Tab
to move between spreadsheets)

Mike replied on 04-Apr-08 02:46 PM

Right click the FW/Rew tab to the left of sheet 1 tab and you get a list of
all your sheets to click.

Niek Otten replied on 04-Apr-08 02:55 PM
Hi Jay Lee,

Next sheet: CTRL+PageDown
Previous sheet: CTRL+PageUp

Kind regards,

Niek Otten
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Gord Dibben replied on 04-Apr-08 04:15 PM
CTRL + Pageup or Pagedown to move one sheet at a time.

You can right-click on the navigation arrows at lower left end of sheet tabs bar
and get a list of 15 sheets and "more sheets" to select from.

O)r you can  build a Navigation Toolbar as per Dave's code on Debra Dalgleish's


Or see this google search thread for the BrowseSheets macro from Bob Phillips.


Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

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Jayne Gordon replied to Niek Otten on 04-Feb-11 05:03 AM
Excellent! thanks for the tip - has saved me sooo much time! :)