Asked By Angiewell on 07-Apr-08 10:08 AM
I have used this formula with great success in previous sheets in the same
workbook but now I keep getting the above error. I have all the add in's as
pre previous answers and replies but still no joy. I tried formatting the
cell but again no joy. Can anyone suggest a solution please? Thanks Angie

Ron Rosenfeld replied on 07-Apr-08 10:25 AM
Perhaps the #NAME! error refers to your data (function arguments) rather than
the function itself.

What version of Excel?
olimerg replied on 07-Apr-08 10:33 AM
This link might provide some help/ ideas:

Angiewell replied on 07-Apr-08 10:57 AM
Excel 2003
Ron Rosenfeld replied on 07-Apr-08 11:20 AM
Copy and paste the formula below into some cell.

Do you still get a #NAME! error?