Excel - Getting msg: File conversion in progress ...

Asked By Mike on 10-Apr-08 10:34 PM
I'm using MSO Professional 2003 / Excel 2003 SP3.  Every time I open Excel,
either by double-clicking an existing spreadsheet or by accessing Excel
directly (to create a new spreadsheet), a small window opens displaying the
message:  'File conversion in progress ...'.  I don't know where to begin
searching for this problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Dave Peterson replied on 11-Apr-08 06:35 AM
I don't recall ever seeing a message like this.

If you open excel in safe mode:
close excel
windows start button|Run
excel /safe
then file|Open

do you get the same message?

If the problem doesn't go way, then ignore this message!

But if the problem goes away, are you ready to do some detective work to find
out the culprit?

Chip Pearson has some notes on how to diagnose startup errors:

And Jan Karel Pieterse has more notes:

Essentially, you'll turn off all the addins/startup workbooks and then open
excel.  And then turn on each addin (closing and reopening) one at a time to
find the culprit.


Dave Peterson
Dave Peterson replied on 11-Apr-08 06:38 AM
ps.  What is the extension for the file that you are opening?

If it is .xls, are you sure you saved as a normal workbook?


Dave Peterson