Excel - Search and replace ALT+Enter

Asked By judyka on 23-Jun-08 12:05 PM
I have a very large workbook with multiple spreadsheets with frequesnt use of
ALT+ENTER within cells.  I need to separate these data into columns using
Data-> Text to Columns.

How do I do a Find for ALT+ENTER?

Dave Peterson replied on 23-Jun-08 12:10 PM
Use ctrl-j

It may not look like you are typing anything, but give it a shot.


Dave Peterson
Pete_UK replied on 26-Jun-08 01:59 AM
Using Find/Replace, you can use CTRL-j, or ALT-010 in the Find box and
then Replace it with something else (like "|") so that your text-to-
columns can parse on the replacement character.

Hope this helps.


e of
judyka replied on 23-Jun-08 12:26 PM
Ctrl+J didn't seem to do anything.  However, I just found ALT+ number pad
0009, so I've converted the line breaks to the asterisk character (*) then
Data->Text to Columns on the asterisk.  It might not be the most efficient
method, but it seems to work.

Dave Peterson replied on 23-Jun-08 01:04 PM
if alt-0009 worked, then it wasn't the alt-enter that created the character.

Alt-0009 is the tab character.

So you could have avoided the edit|Replace and just used delimited by tab.


Dave Peterson