Excel - Formula to copy another cell's contents - Help!

Asked By Richorto on 06-Aug-08 08:03 AM
Is there a formula that will show what the contents of another cell is.


A1 =(B1)
The Value of B1 is 'Test'
Therefore the value of A1 is 'Test'

However if I were to drag Cell B1 to, lets say, C1
The formula in A1 would automatically change to =(C1) and the value would
remain 'Test'.

I want it so the formula in A1 stays as =(B1), no matter if I move the cell

Is this possible?

Many Thanks

Mike replied on 06-Aug-08 08:11 AM

Richorto replied on 06-Aug-08 08:26 AM
Thanks for your speedy response!
I do not suppose there is an easy way to auto fill that formula for the 150
rows I have is there?
Mike replied on 06-Aug-08 08:32 AM


Dave Peterson replied on 06-Aug-08 08:31 AM
You could use:
to always point at B1


Dave Peterson
Don Guillett replied on 06-Aug-08 08:49 AM
try this

Sub fillindirect()
For i = 1 To 150
Cells(i, "L").Formula = _
Next i
End Sub

Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
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David Biddulph replied on 07-Aug-08 11:16 AM
If you have 150 rows worth of data in column B, then just double click on
the fill handle [square black blob at the bottom right-nand corner of the
cell] for cell A1.
Other options:
Grab the fill handle for A1 and drag it down A2 to A150, or
Copy A1, select A2 to A150, Paste.
David Biddulph