Excel - Time lapse to display in minutes

Asked By Lyn on 06-Aug-08 04:10 PM
I'm trying to figure out the difference in time lapsed in just minutes
between an admit time and a visit time.  For example

Admit Time 	Lesion Cross Time	Elapsed Time
8:21:00	                9:55:00	                 1:34

I'm using  =B2-A2 but I only want it to display the elapsed time in minutes.


DukeCare replied on 06-Aug-08 04:15 PM
Multiply the time difference by 1,440 (# minutes in a day) and format the
result as a number, not as time
Lyn replied on 06-Aug-08 04:22 PM
Thank you much!  I did this but did not format the cell as a number.