Excel - Line Breaks in cells - Mac OS X Leopard

Asked By plunkettphot on 07-Aug-08 02:14 PM
Using Excel 2004 for Mac  v11.5

I have a spreadsheet delivered to me from a 3rd party which contains an
address list.  The address cell has the city state and zip all together in
one cell apparently separated by a line break character because the wrap text
causes the cell to divide into multiple lines with the city state and zip on
separate lines - there are most likely 2 line breaks because there is a blank
line between each data line.

Is there any way to automatically separate the three fields into 3 columns?

bill plunkett

Dave Peterson replied on 07-Aug-08 03:34 PM
I don't use a Mac, but if the cell really contains those alt-enters (line
breaks), I could do this on a wintel machine:

Insert a couple of extra columns to the right of the column with the addresses.
Select the column with the addresses
data|text to columns (xl2003 menus--I don't know on xl2004)
delimited by other
I'd use ctrl-j
(or hold down the alt and hit 0010 on the number keypad)
skip (do not import) the empty fields)
and finish up.

Save your workbook first--so you can close without saving if it screws up your
data (or just use undo???).

You may want to post here:
if this suggestion doesn't work.


Dave Peterson