Excel - SUM & Average Formula Problem

Asked By Mik on 15-Aug-08 02:48 AM
I want to sum up different cells around 40 in a single worksheet but they are
in different rows and columns and I can't select a range to add them up but
whenever I try to give different cell locations separating them by comma, it
stops after 30 cells.

Is there any way to sum or get average of more than 30 numbers in a single
worksheet ??????????

Pete_UK replied on 15-Aug-08 10:15 PM
Do it like this:

=3DSUM(list of up to 30 cells) + SUM(list of another 30 cells) + etc.

To get an average you can take the sum from above and divide it by the
COUNT of the number of cells.

Hope this helps.


David Biddulph replied on 15-Aug-08 08:36 AM
Or even just
=SUM((list of up to 30 cells),(list of another 30 cells),(etc...))
David Biddulph
Pete_UK replied on 15-Aug-08 10:16 PM
Yes, of course, David - thanks.


RagDyer replied on 15-Aug-08 01:09 PM
Or even just:

=Sum((list of as many cells as needed))


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Mik replied on 18-Aug-08 10:58 AM
Thanx a ton ..........
It worked ........