Excel - concatenate & conditional formatting in one

Asked By jpennabec on 04-Sep-08 02:08 PM
Is it possible to have part of a concatenated cell be conditionally
formatted? EXAMPLE: If the concatenated cell (cell A4) is 1/13 (cell A1 has
the 1, cell B1 has the / & cell C1 has the 13), can the first or second
concatenated number turn red if the number is above 7? If I condition the
cells the 1 & 13 come from it doesn’t carry over to the concatenated cell. Is
there a way to do this?

Thanks for any help

Peo Sjoblom replied on 04-Sep-08 02:26 PM
You can never conditionally format parts of a cell or a formula, you can
format both parts of that string to be red if
A1 is greater than 7

If you select A4, then do format>conditional formatting, formula is and use


then click format and select red font



Peo Sjoblom