Excel - Protect worksheet but expand and collapse outline?

Asked By Trini_Suiz on 08-Sep-08 04:26 PM
I'm currently using Excel 2003 and building a spreadsheet that has a lot of
columns and formulae. I protected the sheet and unlocked the relevant cells.
However, before protecting the sheet, I also outlined the sheet making it
easy to expand and collapse the relevant months. But when the sheet is
protected, I lose this functionality. Is there any way to protect the sheet
but still allow users to expand and collapse the relevant months?

James_Thomlinso replied on 08-Sep-08 06:57 PM
The short answer is no... If you are ok with the macros then it is fairly
easy to get around. You can have a macro that locks the spreadsheet only when
certain areas of the sheet are selected. Otherwise it is unprotected. That is
fairly easy to do...

My preference for such a macros is to protect the sheet whenever the
selected range includes a formula. Otherwise it remains unprotected. In those
cases I just make my headers into formulas to keep them from being
overwritten. That is very easy code to write...

Jim Thomlinson