Excel - Excel 2003 - Error says file is already open when it isn't

Asked By Leann on 18-Sep-08 11:11 AM
xxxx.xls is already open. Reopening will cause any changes you made to be
discarded. Do you want to reopen xxxx.xls?  Yes or No

The file is not open but other files that are linked to this file work fine.
However, I cannot link to the file that is already open. The file size says
210 kb but when it does open there is nothing there and I cannot do anything
in the file.

Any suggestions?

Dave Peterson replied on 18-Sep-08 01:07 PM
If you look at the formula that links back to xxxx.xls when excel thinks the
file is open, do those formulas include the drive and path?

If they do, then the workbook isn't open.  But if the drive and path are not
there (you see =[xxxx.xls]sheet1!a1, without the path), then xxxx.xls is really

Maybe the workbook's window isn't visible.
and resize the way you like.

Maybe the workbook's window is hidden.


Dave Peterson