Excel - Range of cells: Convert relative reference into absolute

Asked By Igo on 29-Sep-08 03:21 PM
Hello, everyone,

Is there a way to change simultaneously a whole range of cells that contain
the same relative reference into absolute references.

For example:

Convert the following relative references in the range of cells D56:AB56

=Sheet1!B1 (...) =Sheet1!Z1


= Sheet1!$B1 (...) Sheet1!$Z$1

But: All at the same time, not one by one.

I have to transpose a large amount of tables that have relative references
and I need to change these into absolute references. It would take me forever
to do this one by one.

Thanks for the help!



jlclyde replied on 01-Oct-08 10:14 PM

Find and replace
Ctrl + F Find Sheet1!B1 and replace with Sheet1!$B1
Igo replied on 29-Sep-08 04:56 PM
Thanks for the reply, Jay,

Find and Replace will not work here because only one of the cells has column
B as reference, all the others reference different columns. There are no 2
cells that reference the same column.

Thanks anyway.


HelpFrom replied on 29-Sep-08 05:03 PM
Then why not Find "!" and replace with "!$"
That takes care of the general problem.
Then follow up and change

Maybe that will work?
Igo replied on 29-Sep-08 06:13 PM
Yes, that would indeed solve the problem. Such an easy answer and it totally
slipped by!

Thank you, J!


HelpFrom replied on 29-Sep-08 08:16 PM
Sometimes we can't see the trees for the forest, sometimes we don't even
realize we're in a forest because we focus to much on one tree.

Not sure which category this falls into -- and I'd hate to try to count the
times I've missed the "easy" answers in the past.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated, and glad I could help.