Excel - how to add colors in drop down list thru data validation

Asked By Rames on 30-Oct-08 07:07 AM
Need to create a drop down list using data validation.
Both value and the format/pattern of the cell needs to be considered.

Many thanks in advance

Dave Peterson replied on 30-Oct-08 08:45 AM
Data|validation does not allow you to do this.

In fact, no excel built-in control allows you to do this.


Dave Peterson
WarrenEasto replied on 31-Oct-08 04:58 AM
Hi Ramesh,

You will have to create your Drop Down list using Data Validation then
Format your cells using Conditional Formatting.
If the cell is A1 use the Conditional Formatting "Formula Is"

Condition 1 =A1="Your Value" Format to "Your Colour"
Condition 2 =A1="Your 2nd Value" Format to "Your Second Colour"

and so on through all your values and colours.