Excel - Using Table Column for Data Validation List

Asked By keit on 14-Dec-08 12:59 PM
In Excel 2007... Is there any way I can use a column in a Named Table as
my data validation list without specifying the range. For example I have a
table named MyTest of ID/Name. I want to display the Name column as my data
validation list. Any time I try using my source as =MyTest[Id] in the
DataValidation List Source I get an error. I want to find a way to do this
without specifying the given range within my table because my tables might
use different start range cells.


Roger Govier replied on 14-Dec-08 01:16 PM
Hi Keith

In Name Manager create a new name called myList with a reference of
In DV, use List, Source myList
Roger Govier
keit replied on 14-Dec-08 05:24 PM
That works great. Thanks.