Excel - Remove blank space in front of text in multiple cells at once

Asked By SM on 13-Jan-09 02:33 AM
I transposed data from multiple columns into rows.  Most of the cells contain
text that has a blank space before the word.  I want to remove this blank
space at once (without having to go into each cell and backspace)

SulemanPeerzad replied on 13-Jan-09 02:42 AM
use the Trim formula to remove all the extra spaces
=TRIM(A1) the result will come in which ever cell you select for the answer
Suleman Peerzade
jbea replied on 13-Jan-09 03:04 AM
It's actually two steps. First, use a TRIM function to strip out the
leading/trailing spaces:


...and copy down as far as needed.

Next, copy the entire set of cells you just created and select Copy, select
the first cell in the original data, then Edit > Paste Special > Values to
paste the new data back over the top of the old. You can now delete the
helper cells.

Repeat with any other columns.