Excel - how do i stop autocorrecting the date?

Asked By katanato on 21-Feb-09 03:37 PM
I am trying to type 10-3 and the AutoCorrect feature keeps changing it to
3-oct. i have gone through the autocorrect tool box but i still cannot figure
out how to make it stop

Gord Dibben replied on 21-Feb-09 03:45 PM
Excel will always interpret 10-3 or similar as a a date.

Preface the 10-3 with an apostrophe.

The apostrophe won't show in the cell but will tell Excel this is text.

Or pre-format the cell as Text format.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On Sat, 21 Feb 2009 12:37:01 -0800, katanator
Mike replied on 21-Feb-09 03:45 PM

In this instance it's a pain but the usefulness of this feature outweighs
this. Autocorrect isn't causing the problem is just Excel trying to be
helpful. To get around it type an apostrophe ' before you enter 10-3