Excel - To retrieve hide columns after u saved the excel doc

Asked By E on 22-Feb-09 05:41 PM
Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone knows how to retrieve hide columns after the excel
doc is saved. I have unhide the column while doing my work and then saved it.
The next thing I notice is when I reopen the file, I can't retrieve my hide
column by clicking unhide. Is there any way to retrieve this hide column
which has been saved?

Thank you, EL

Joe replied on 22-Feb-09 05:58 PM
To unhide a column you need to highlight the columns around the hiden column.
If column B is hiden go to the top of the worksheet and hilght columns A &
C..  If you hid all the columns to the left for example if you left only
columns A - E (Hid F - IV) then hihglight the entire sheet by Select All
(Cntl - A) and then Unhid.  Your problem is that nothing is lighlighted so
excel doesn't know that anything is hidden.
ShaneDevenshir replied on 22-Feb-09 06:48 PM
Suppose that column B is hidden:

Place your mouse on the line between column letters A and C.  Note the
vertical black line with two headed arrow.  Now move your mouse, don't drag
it, ever so slightly to the right until the vertical line changes into a
double vertical line with a which line down the center.  Double-click.

To use this for more than one column, say B:E are hidden, highlight A:F and
proceed as above.  This technique works even when the hidden columns contain
not data.

On the other hand if those columns contain data double-click when you see
the single vertical line with the two-headed arrow.

If this helps, please click the Yes button

Shane Devenshire