Excel - In excel what does a file ending with .xlsx mean?

Asked By pdog196 on 04-Mar-09 04:46 PM
I have created and saved several files in Excel. I then sent them to a friend
at a different company. I was then notified that they could open all of the
files that were .xls but the one that was .xlsx they could not open. How did
I get the file saved with the extra x, and what does that mean?

PJFr replied on 04-Mar-09 04:51 PM
.xlsx is a Excel 2007 format, whereas .xls is Excel 2003 or earlier.

Excel 2007 allows you to save in multiple 2007 formats:
.xlsx - Normal Excel 2007 format
.xlsm - Macro-Enabled format
.xlsb - Binary format

Save your files as 2003 under Save as Type and you should be fine.

Ron de Bruin replied on 04-Mar-09 04:54 PM
Hi pdog1967

This is one of the new file formats in excel 2007


This are the main formats in Excel 2007 :

xlsx = xlOpenXMLWorkbook (without macro's in 2007, xlsx)
xlsm = xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled (with or without macro's in 2007, xlsm)
xlsb = xlExcel12 (Excel Binary Workbook in 2007 with or without macro’s, xlsb)
xls = xlExcel8 (97-2003 format in Excel 2007, xls)


Regards Ron de Bruin
pdog196 replied on 04-Mar-09 05:06 PM
Thanks, I thought that I had saved them all the same, guess not.