Excel - Lost Scroll Bars

Asked By dhansen87 on 06-Mar-09 09:54 PM
I'm using Office 2007. If I open a new document in Excel, the scroll
bars and tabs are on the side and on the bottom.  Now if I open a
document I have generated in Excel, the scroll bars and bottom tabs
are missing. Nothing I do, will bring the workbook to something I can
use.  making the workbook smaller doe not help. I have made sure that
scroll bars are checked under office advance button, but it does not
work.  It seems that the workbook view is opened to max where I want
to see it screen size. Any ideas.

RidgeVie replied on 06-Mar-09 10:09 PM
It sounds like your workbook options got changed....Go to the Excel
sure all the boxes are checked.
Check "YES" at the bottom if this is the solution...Thanks!