Excel - how do i make more columns visible in a spreadsheet?

Asked By Haymarket E on 27-Mar-09 05:44 PM
QuickBooks exports an EXCEL SS with a limited number of columns displayed .
I need more columns but amunable to make them visible

Legar replied on 27-Mar-09 06:40 PM
What makes you think that there are columns in the SS that you can not see?
AFAIK, Quickbooks does not hide any columns when you export a report to
Excel.  If the columns are included in the Quickbooks report, they should be
visable in the Excel SS.  If the column is not included in the report, then
it is not exported.  Quickbooks does not always make the SS columns wide
enough to display the data in the column.  If that is the case, then select
the column and then select the column and then select Format/Column/Autofit
Selection.  The other possibility is that someone has hidden columns after
the export from Quickbooks.  If that is the case, select a column to the left
of the hidden column by clicking the column letter in the header row.  Then
hold down the shift key and select a column to the right of the hidden column
so that you have the columns on both sides of the hidden column selected.
Then select Format/Column/Unhide.  This should unhide the column if the
worksheet has not been protected.  If the worksheet is protected, you will
have to unprotect it to unhide the column.